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Students reported increased focus, clarity, reduced anxiety and stress, and better grades. Students recognized MDD as an efficient guide and creative tool. It’s unique format fosters self empowerment and self satisfaction. Over 75% of  students reported positive results as they moved towards their goals.

My Daily Drive method (MDD) is part of the curriculum at Southern Connecticut State University. Professor Chulguen Yang, Ph.D. selected MDD as a required text for Seniors in the Business school taking the Management 498 Art and Innovation, Leadership Course 2017 and 2018. Course Credits: MGT 498, 3 credits.

Course Description: This is a hybrid course designed to cultivate the capabilities of paying attention, enhanced perceptual awareness, aesthetic imagination and observational skills through various arts, especially the visual arts. MDD was one of the three required texts. 

Students learn that a regular practice of mindfulness leads to fresh thinking and new possibilities.  The method begins with nine (9) minutes a day, and includes creative exercises, reflection, energy shifting writing prompts, and mind mapping key areas of life. 

Wellness Programs for Businesses and Retreats


If we aren't moving forward what are we doing?

'Workshops and retreats can help lead individuals and teams mired in stagnation to new levels of trust, creativity and productivity, helping them realize constructive goals at work and at home.”

The Daily Drive,An Agenda for Your Mind, Body, Spirit and Lifestyle program include activities that encourage mindfulness and self awareness.

Users of My Daily Drive and workshop participants learn how to shift gears from over-scheduled and over-stressed to designing a life of purposeful work and meaningful life.

Common results are:

  • Improved Strategic Planning & Balanced Leadership
  • Increased Self awareness which leads to more Diversity Awareness
  • Reduce Absenteeism
  • Increased Productivity & Increased Employee Morale
  • Increased Job Satisfaction
  • Reduced Stress & Anxiety
  • Overall Wellness in Work/Life

Customize: Jump start programs an be as little as two hours, half day, full day, 2 day engaging workshops and on-going training programs are uniquely crafted for each audience.