MY DAILY Drive method: your personalized road map to success!


Everyone deserves a road map to success. Success is different for every one of us.

Most people, whether it be business professionals, entrepreneurs, students, creators, or people in transition or change, need a place to refuel and rev-up. 

If we are not moving forward we are either stagnate or looking backward.  You’d probably agree, moving forward is better. 

We often don’t realize how much we talk to ourselves. This dialogue is fueled by our subconscious, which is always on autopilot. The way we talk to ourselves shapes our daily experiences.

New decisions and possibilities about your life are formed by using this creative method, starting with 9 minutes a day.

  • MDD gets you thinking on paper. It's a way to organize your priorities and thoughts, as well as identify habits clouding your thinking.
  • Creative and simple reflective exercises, which are designed to act as catalysts for self-exploration, allow discovery while simultaneously relieving self-doubt and worry. 
  • Explore with visual mapping and doodling as a powerful tool of reflection. It’s one powerful way to stimulate creativity and problem-solve, synthesizing information and helping you to relax. 
  • Unlock your best version of you. Tap into your drive as you develop your internal know-how for finding solutions, manifesting goals while sparking new motivation, creativity and innovation. 
  • Shift your energy and refocus by steering your thoughts. Start the day or close the evening by focusing your mind, and bringing intention to your thoughts; purposeful actions will follow. 
  • Recharge. The insights and intuition derived from your experience with this type of reflection will bring about a revived sense of clarity, allowing for better communication with yourself and others.
  • This journal will become a lasting memento, a chronicle of your life’s experiences.
  • You will find yourself more organized, more creative, less stressed and more self-satisfied.

Testimonials - It works!

“A great gift for the new year.  This program provides a road map for personal decision making. Suddenly, statements you make, people you choose to spend time with and thoughts you write align in your own personal charted vision for the future.  As opportunities present themselves throughout the year, you will have a guide that helps you assess them.” 

Laura B. Roberts Marketing Executive, Foodie, 2-time MBA, Business Owner

“We invited Denise Di Grigoli, to come and speak at our annual sales meeting and deliver her message from the Daily Drive and her own personal life experience. Denise has the ability to invigorate a crowd with her enthusiasm and share personal stories and give examples of real life applications of her teachings.  I think one of Denise's best qualities in a group is her ability to get people up and running and their blood flowing if they are stuck can need help getting unstuck. The Daily Drive is a simple platform for anyone to look at their life in terms of a plan as opposed to just letting things happen. The doodling which Denise still does provides a creative outlet for people and helps reinforce her own message. In other words, she practices what she preaches.” 

Randall D. Weis CEO , RD Weis Companies, NY, NY


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It is a simple reflection and energy shifting practice that helps unleash your creativity, increase your clarity. No experience required, just an open mindset


Most people seek inner peace, the need to be organized with renewed focus, a sense of creativity and purpose. Self satisfaction. You are in the driver’s seat, now with your copy of My Daily Drive.