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Meet Denise


Denise is the author of, My Daily Drive, an Agenda for Your Mind Body, Spirit and Lifestyle.  

Her interest in the field of intuition and self- empowerment began with her own motivational journaling to overcome stress over life choices that had panned out very differently than she had planned. 

The practice, Denise created, provided her with insights and hope as she designed her new life. And it is from this experience that she developed a systematic approach to creating change and positive growth–a practice she calls, My Daily Drive.

This method is being taught in corporate wellness programs, business schools and by business owners who seek to tie a well-being strategy to their business strategies. Smart leaders understand that to open new roads to opportunities and innovation it takes a culture that fosters inclusion and diversity and sense of purpose with each of its stakeholders. Denise’s method has helped many people build better businesses, happier lives that lead to improved communications, more personal clarity, self-satisfaction and increased problem solving capabilities through this type of refection and creative thinking. 


A Country Girl Who Charted Her Own Path

Originally form the Berkshires, in Massachusetts, Denise grew up helping her Grandmother, who ran the family auto dealership, and automotive services company. Denise’s skills in dealing with all types of clients, understanding a complex product and audience gave her a solid business foundation. 

This fostered the ability to meet each challenge with the creativity needed to problem solve and the tenacity to achieve her goals, with a healthy dose of reality, resiliency, and sense of humor. Her education and career aspirations landed her in New York City, where she studied art, fashion and marketing. 

Since then she has started and ran many profitable companies. 

Businesses, associations, and colleges invite Denise in to help them develop their entrepreneurial thinking, expand their ability to create change and transformation. 


If we are not moving, what are we doing?

     Businesses, associations, and colleges invite Denise in to help them develop their entrepreneurial thinking, expand their ability to be creative thinkers, create change and transformation.      

She also helps people to grow by showing them poignant ways to become agile, fuel their creativity, move forward, transform and inspire themselves.

Denise shares how important agility, creativity, mindset are the keys to staying relevant today while in running just about anything, especially when running a business. Family owned business adds a whole other dimension.  Her method of success is to always be looking and moving forward, in spite of all the twists and turns daily life and owning a business can bring. 

behind the wheel


Berkshire raised, went to college in NYC, lives in CT. 

Love to road cycle, do yoga, ski, see a good concert, travel and create art when I can.

I value family first. I love learning or trying something new, time with good friends, quiet time to start my day using My Daily Drive.  :)

Super power: if I had one, it  would be insightful fueled by hearty laughter and good coffee. 

Advice: Show up with the best version of your self, authentic, and the rest will always work out.