The best route to happiness starts with you...


You are the most powerful person in your life.

You're the one in the driver's seat of your journey. Sometimes we forget that. Shift gears from what may seem like an over-stimulated, over-scheduled, over-stressed life into a smooth ride, using My Daily Drive, an easy to use mindfulness method. 

Does the thought of accessing your brightest future or simply living a less stressful daily life seem like a distant dream?  It can change today, within 9 minutes. 

What if you found a simple method that could help you navigate the twists and turns and the roadblock that everyday life can bring?


A Blueprint for Your Best Version of You

Discover how setting aside 9 minutes a day can help you redefine your desire, map out your goals, work and live more happily, with less stress and more clarity. 

No matter where you are, start today, 

and experience the results quickly. 

A mindfulness method, My Daily Drive is designed with unique illustrations and creative exercises, to get motivated, stay inspired and drive your life towards your aspirations.


Fuel your Motivation

 The philosophy behind My Daily Drive is to inspire  transformation and shift by helping people create the best version of themselves. 


Denise DiGrigoli, created the My Daily Drive method with the mission of helping people harness and use their innate creativity and intuition for problem solving and achieving high goals.

My Daily Drive workshops, customized presentations and retreats can lead individuals and teams to new levels of trust, creativity and productivity. My clients say this journaling practice and type of journaling helps them establish new goals and possibilities in their personal and professional lives.